Welcome to Daimyo, the portfolio site of 24 year old artist and digital design student Sheree Fiala. 

Sheree is based in Sydney and currently studies Digital Media at Billy Blue College of Design, specialising in 3D and Animation. 

She is busy furthering her knowledge in 3D modelling, coding and Adobe creative software so that she can work as a concept 

designer/art director in either film or gaming industries. 

She is a skilled illustrator, and draws inspiration from the work of James Jean, Pat Perry, National Geographic, traditional Eastern

art and culture. Game environments  and level design are also big influences, with several favourites from thatgamecompany's 

Journey, Skyrim, Fez (Polytron), Monument Valley (Ustwo), Okami (Clover Studio) and more recently Dark Souls III. 

Sheree is available for commissioned work, and can be contacted at hellodaimyo@gmail.com

She is also always interested in collaborating with others.

Want to know more? Head to her blog here

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